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“I started training with Ray Since March 2010, and all I can say is it has been a life changing experience.
After having three children, and putting my needs and health aside to raise them, I pretty much gave up.   testimonials-daniella
I have attempted a few trainers prior to Ray, but due to their tactics of not knowing my limits and
not caring, I was easily discouraged and eventually quit the training. Ray, on the other hand, is not only
is an excellent trainer, but also an incredible source of motivation–that is the key to someone who has
been struggling with their weight their whole life. His passion to make me reach my goals is evident by his
knowledge for what is best my body type and his encouraging words. The training provided incredible
results–within weeks, my body started improving and my attitude towards physical health started to change
positively. Almost a year later, I am a new and improved person with his help. Not only did I shed an excessive
amount of weight, but I also gained confidence and will-power. Thank you, Ray, for opening this incredible door
in my life and I am truly blessed that we crossed paths.”



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