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Name: Kay
Weight lost: 35 lbs testimonials-kay

“I had both of my knees replaced about 5 years ago and while I was comparatively pain free,
I was not walking upright and my balance was considerably off. I was hesitant about walking
on the streets because I was afraid of tripping and falling. My family was deeply concerned
for my well-being and introduced me to Ray about a year ago. Since meeting with Ray regularly,
I have become much more confident and dropped more than 30 lbs. Above all, my balance and
walking have improved immeasurably &mdash I no longer hesitate to go on trips and walking tours and
everyone I know cannot believe the change in me both in appearance and mobility. My achievements
are all thanks to Ray. His upbeat disposition and encouragement have made a huge difference in
my life. He has enabled me to enjoy my training sessions with him all the while knowing that my safety
is of utmost importance. Since I am a very mature person, you can understand that safety
is very important to me. Thank you, Ray!!!”
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